I am nothing

by Cold Days

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released June 22, 2012

music by Cold Days
Record, mix and mastered by Olivier Dufour at Red Noise Recording, Kingsey Falls, Qc, during spring of 2012



all rights reserved


Cold Days Kingsey Falls, Québec

Rock / Emo

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Track Name: i am nothing
I wish I could go away
It feels like I’m sinking everyday
No on can take my hand
Cause I know I am nothing
I want to bury myself
into your arms
I wish I could stay here
That’s what I said
Track Name: living
I open my eyes I can barely see, I can barely breath,
and I can’t stand I’m fading away

Each time I’m stuggling as the days come in
Everyday seems like a mountain to climb
I can see myself dying

Searching for a place I belong, somewhere I feel strong I want to die here

I know that I’m not alone to not figure out what I’ve become and I know that I won’t be another empty soul again…
Track Name: Grey
Life didn’t stop to pulling me down even if I thought that I am strong everything that I say and all the things I do I am not going to get through

That constant beat in my head
and that pain in my cheast
I still here relentless
how can I do best

Every day is fading away days are getting colder it’s hard to breath blinded by anger and my vision is getting grey in my dreams I wish that I could stay
Track Name: Weather
It’s rainning today inside of me
These are the things I can’t explain
I put such weight on me

Pain won’t wander away I’m stuck here and I’m fading everything is getting colder as I am getting older I’m struggling all alone and I don’t think I can get over this on my own

I’m affraid to live that way that’s to much for me
I cannot sleep, I cannot breath, I hope to forget
Track Name: Losing sight
I’m standing in front of a crowd but I don’t see it it’s to much loud no word comes out of my mouth there’s a beating in the back of my head it’s like I’m already dead I won’t sing another song about telling me what’s wrong

As soon as I open my eyes I see that the dark surrounds me I won’t pretend that I’m not scared I’m feeling so lonely so I hold my head in my hand I’m screaming the pain that I taste I can’t open my eyes one more time

Everytime I try to focus on the breathing I’m feeling so dumb standing in front of a crowd eyes close tight screaming out loud with that blindness that I inflict upon me you can see right through me
Track Name: T.O.
Remember when we were young? Now I’m 21 and I can tell that the fears inside my heart still growing up

And I keep this to myself instead of giving myself the chance to move on the things that doesn’t worth for me at all

And I fucking hate myself for not being strong enought I put myself into that shell my heart as turn to stone