Split 7''

by Cold Days/Sleepless

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released June 1, 2013

Cold Days; Recorded and mixed by Olivier Dufour at Red Noise Recording, Kingsey falls, Qc, during winter of 2012/2013
Mastered by Stephen Kerr at Epik Productions, Toronto, ON

Sleepless; Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Stephen Kerr
at Epik Productions, Toronto, ON
January 19/20, 26/27, 2013.

Mastered for vinyl by Greg "Gerg" Dawson
at BWC Studios, Brampton, ON




all rights reserved


Cold Days Kingsey Falls, Québec

Rock / Emo

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Track Name: Cold Days - Night Terror
Watching me sleep while your're awake
I fall in my dreams as i only belong there
I put too much faith in my fears
Sooner or later i'll close my eyes
It feels like days as i forget time
It's a simple solution to my way out
I'm sick of everything i see that's why i close my eyes
forget my life as i write down the words that suit myself
Sometimes i can't stop feeling cold
And forget how life could be hard to hold on
Track Name: Cold Days - Blame me
The anxiety of living is now the ache i wake up with
i wonder how long it will takes before i hang myself to be free
and every time i think that i forget i realize and need to admit
i'm the only one to blame and i feel ashamed

And now what i feel is the anger inside of me
that keeps me fighting every day am i the one to blame 

The need of being everywhere but not here
turning my back on my fears
I'm not fine with myself how can i be with someone else
Track Name: Sleepless - Chiral
is there something that i missed,
between english, and calculous?
my words, they never seem enough,
and they're never adding up.
searching for something, to feel
on this constantly spinning wheel.
i'd rather lie awake, with the clock and the time it takes,
than dream, about nothing.
could this be the end, of caring for just pretend,
about the petty little things, taking space up in my head?
you're cold, and you let it be known,
how quickly you feel you're growing old.
i'm scared of losing all the things that i love, and that i care.
looking for somewhere to grow.
they say you'll never find it, you know.
its this chiral sort of feeling.
we used to be the same,
but look at how you've changed.
Track Name: Sleepless - Hollow Rooms
whens it my turn to float away,
speaking soft with my last breath,
or think of words i never said.
will you run through my mind,
or be forgotten in time,
we don't really know for sure.
gold and white lights at the end,
maybe make believe or just pretend.
wake up in another body,
or six feet under rotting.
how will this short story end,
a fairy tale or discontent.
in the mystery of dying,
no one knows whats next.
over and over contemplation,
did i lose my train of thought,
did i lose my motivation?
to keep heading down the tracks,
on that straight and narrow path,
so tired of confrontation.